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Customer Testimonials

Wish We Had Done It Sooner

"Wow! Monkey Bars of Wichita hung 3 sets of sturdy metal shelving in the space above our garage doors and we got every single..."

Michelle - Wichita, KS

Love My Garage

"Love my garage! Ryan did a GREAT job! For the first time I am not hesitant to open the garage door. I got called out of town..."

Cathy - Wichita, KS

Fantastic Job

"Ryan did our garage and did a fantastic job!! The Monkey Bar system and his ideas were great! Wish I had done it sooner –..."

Christy - Wichita, KS

Great Product

"It is working out great! This is a great product. I hope we can utilize your service in our home build in a couple years. "

Brian - McPherson, KS

We Love It

"We are loving our Monkey Bars! When we are ready to do more, you will be who I call. "

Andrea - Wichita, KS

Easy to Adjust

"The system is great and easy to adjust. I’m still very happy with the product. It holds everything else I wanted it to..."

Nathan - Wichita, KS

Garage Shelving That Doubles Your Space

The quality steel materials of our garage shelving in Wichita provide a strong structure and sleek design that gives you a less expensive, more efficient alternative to other storage systems. We offer top of the line garage shelving Wichita families will love. Call us today to get started!

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Height: Are you one of the shorter monkey’s out of the bunch? Our garage shelving in Wichita has changeable bars with lock-in mechanisms and removable hooks.
  • Above and Beyond: Our overhead shelving provides relief for those who are currently scared of their garage floor.
  • Overhead Shelving: Overhead shelving gets everything off the floor, you will be amazed by the space you gain!
  • Lifetime Warranty: The lifetime warranty proves our product is unique and one of the best.   

Monkey Bars is unbeatable because of the amount you can store in such a small amount of place. It was engineered with you in mind.

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Ready to get Organized?

Make more room in your garage? You may even be able to start parking in the family vehicle where it belongs with our help. Give us a call today and we’ll put you on the path to storage success.

Garage Yard Tool Rack And Shelving Wichita

Garage Shelving Wichita

Monkey Bars Shelving and Accessories

Because there are many different needs with garage shelving in Wichita, our shelves are customizable and have 3 options.

Multiple Levels:  With different layers to provide more use for your space, you aren’t tied down to one option, instead you have multiple options for garage organization in Wichita.

High Shelves: For those belongings not being used as much the wall mounted shelves can keep these items out of the way in safe keeping.

More Space: Shelving creates 50 percent more space in your garage by getting all of your items off the floor!

Hooks: Bikes, shovels, skis and pretty much anything else you can image will also be able to hang on the layered hooks running from top to bottom.

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Extreme Home Makeover

EM:HE and Property Brothers

Contact Us to get the same product used in many renovations on the well known TV shows Extreme Makeover Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Your Garage Organization In Wichita

We want your need for organization to be met. We are dedicated to helping you solve storage issues.

The questions we help you answer include, “How do I make room for my car in the garage?” and, “how do I get all of my belongings out of the way?”

We specialize in all of the above and more.  Contact your Local Monkey Bars representative.

Monkey Bars Highlighted Benefits

One size fits all: Our storage system adapts to you. We have everything from wall mounted cabinets to overhead storage to complete your organization needs.

No better system: Our system provides 50 percent more useable storage space than other systems in Wichita.

Lifetime warranty: We guarantee the quality of our shelves for life.

Not just the garage: Let us make your life easier in more ways than one. We provide storage organization for sheds, storage units, and commercial buildings as well. Our system can mount to anything, including cinderblock walls.

16″ deep garage shelving

  • 6 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

24″ deep garage shelving

  • 10 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

12″ drop down shelving

  • Choose 1 to 5 tiers
  • Shelves 12” deep x 40” long

24″ garage inverted shelving

  • Goes over windows & doors

Garage Work Bench

  • Custom to your height
  • Hang tools underneath on Monkey Bar

Garage Sitting Bench

  • Custom to your height

Monkey Bars

  • Snaps in and out
  • 2 sizes for convenience 35” & 51”

Monkey Bars Hooks

  • Hang almost anything off the ground
  • Snap on any of 10 hooks & slide
Ball Bag
Sports Bag

  • Large & small sizes
  • Kids love to use ball bag!

Bucket Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 buckets

Saddle Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 saddles

Kayak Rack

  • Hold 1 to 2 kayaks/canoes at a time

by on May 29, 2012